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Local Meetings & Conferences

The 9th Global Conference of the Alliance for Healthy Cities
Date: 3-5 November, 2021
Theme : Smarter Healthy Cities Beyond COVID-19 (Webinar)

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Overseas Conferences

Guidelines on Sponsorship for Conference/Symposium by HKACCN

The sponsorship offered by the Hong Kong Association of Critical Care Nurses (HKACCN) is to provide partial funding to life and full members of the association for attending critical care conferences/Symposiums. Through the sponsorship, the association hopes to support its members in self-development and self-enrichment, thus enabling the professional advancement of critical care nursing in Hong Kong.

1. Selection criteria for sponsorship
  1.1 Only life or full members of the HKACCN will be considered.
  1.2 Applicants should not receive dual benefits for the same Conference/Symposium, i.e. should not have been sponsored by another Institution for the same conference/Symposium.
  1.3 Applicants would not be eligible if sponsorship for another Conference/Symposium has already been granted by the HKACCN in the same calendar year.
  Information regarding recommended conferences could be found in HKACCN Newsletter. Eligible personnel can contact the clerk of HKACCN for the form and submit to HKACCN for consideration.
2. Number of members to be sponsored
Usually one to three members will be offered sponsorship for each conference/Symposium. The HKACCN reserves all the rights in the selection of candidates. Applicants will be informed of the result individually.
3. Amount of funding to be granted
  3.1 Ordinary participant:
Place in Asia HK $1,500 / person
Place outside Asia HK $3,000 / person
  3.2 Speaker on behalf of HKACCN:
Place in Asia HK $3,000 / person
Place outside Asia HK $6,000 / person or whichever the less (include registration fee, airfare and accommodation)
  3.3 Annual meeting with World Federation of Critical Care Nurses (WFCCN)
The president and PDC Chair or their delegates would be sponsored.
(The full trip including airfare and accommodation will be included)
4. Post conference commitment The sponsored member(s) is (are) expected to promote functions related to professional development of HKACCN and to participate in the yearly experience sharing session(s) which we offer to our members free in charge.

Application for Sponsorship Form